DLGC Network is the prestige gaming network that connects you with the tools and personalities to help your YouTube channel grow. We also welcome non-gaming channels to join us! "Why?" You might ask. Let's face it, there are real people behind all of the gaming channels we watch and they enjoy music, technology, lifestyle, travel and many other things in their lives. No matter what type of content you create, we want to see it!
If you are looking for a network that can promote your channel, optimize your videos, provide collaboration opportunities, or grow your channel, you are in the right place. We have state of the art technology, awesome support staff, and not to mention our dedicated recruiters, affiliates, and partners who will make sure you are getting the most out of your channel.
We are always looking for recruiters, affiliates and partners. While our talented recruiters scout the depths of YouTube for the best content available and reach out to its creators, being an affiliate means that you can put a link in your video descriptions so that other content creators can find you and partner with our network. No matter what role you choose, you can count on being a valued member of our family.

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Our support team is here to help! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the forums or by using our contact form.

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There are so many great reasons to become a partner! Take a look around and see all of the benefits that we offer!

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On occasion we'll post happenings, DLGC Network news or other tidbits of information you may find handy. You can find them archived here for your convenience or you can contact our support team to help with any questions you might have.